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The Weber-Bargioni group is a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative team at the Molecular Foundry, focused on exploring fundamental optoelectronic nano material properties to ultimately provide a set of rules that enable the systematic development of next generation light harvesting materials.

The motivation is simple: Humanity makes IPhones that fit in our back pocket while containing more computing power then the guidance computers for the Apollo 11 mission. We really should be able to develop materials that cost effectively converts the free sun energy into electrical and chemical energy.

We closely collaborate with the groups of Dr. Ma, Dr. Ginsberg, Dr. Buonsanti, Dr. Schwartzberg, Dr. Aloni, Dr. Neaton, Dr. Salmeron, Dr. Ogletree, Dr. Urban, Dr. Cabrini, and Dr. Schuck to address various key problems in terms of model materials, experimentation and simulation to understand fundamental optoelectronic properties in nano building blocks and their mesoscale assemblies.

Dr. Weber-Bargioni’s group is focused on imaging and correlating local optical properties and the local electronic structure to provide an insight into optoelectronic processes at the native length scale via state of the art nano optics, Kelvin Probe Microscopy and Scanning Tunneling Micrscopy/Spectroscopy.